Best travel places for Christmas in 2021

The “most lovely time of the year” is near, and although Christmas celebrations may vary this year owing to the COVID-19 crisis still in the news, the joyful mood can still be found in locations around the whole world. The finest Christmas holidays feature cheery decorations and joyful events that reflect the holiday mood, all set against a foreground of a magnificent location. With wonderful holiday destinations distributed throughout the world, an ideal December weekend is never more than a road trip away.

Are you wondering where you can visit for Christmas in 2021? Here are the greatest places to spend Christmas this year, from sunny beaches to winter wonderland ski resorts. Even though some places and motels have announced their holiday plans, keep in mind that due to the current COVID-19 crisis, these plans are changeable, so double-check before booking.

Beaver Creek, Colorado

At Beaver Creek in Colorado, hit the slopes and experience the ultimate winter wonderland adventure. Throughout Christmas events going from December 19 to January 1, the season provides joyful activities for the whole family to enjoy. Beaver Creek opens/begins for the winter season on November 25th, with updated health and safety protocols such as mandatory face masks, social distancing on gondolas and chairlifts, and much more. Stay approximately 26 feet from the nearest chairlift at The Osprey in Beaver Creek (The RockResort), which has magnificent suites and an outdoor heated swimming pool, or reserve one of the 60 rooms at The Pines Lodge, (The RockResort), which has fantastic views and ski-in/ski-out accessibility.

New York

In New York City, there is nothing more beautiful than Christmas. Taking a look at the city, decorated with sparkling lights and beautiful trees, when shopping for last-minute gifts or sampling hot cocoa, is a truly lifetime experience. Because of the pandemic, famous events such as the Radio City Christmas Spectacular were postponed last year, hope that the holiday season will not be different this year too. However, you will still be able to enjoy a cheerful atmosphere, do a little Christmas shopping, and perhaps visit a museum or two this year. Stay at a hotel that offers a Christmas package for the ultimate holiday experience – The Refinery offers a holiday package that includes an in-room tree, seasonal foods and beverages, and the opportunity to get a gingerbread house decoration kit.

Stowe, Vermont

Stowe is a famous ski resort between East Coasters; various major northeastern cities are within driving distance from Stowe. The ski season begins on November 20th, so if you’re searching for a white Christmas, here is the perfect place to be (with plenty of outdoor activities). Before the forthcoming season, Stowe is implementing a range of new health and safety regulations, including social distancing on chairlifts and gondolas, limited ski school class levels, and needed bookings for on-mountain accessibility, among other elements. Lodge at The Lodge at Spruce Peak for magnificent mountain scenery and the town’s only ski-in/ski-out access.

Paris, France

Paris is a delightfully lovely city at any season of the year, but it is much more magical around Christmas, with the roads, squares, and storefronts illuminated by thousands and thousands of sparkling lights. Along the Champs-Elysée, You will enjoy perusing the stalls selling presents, crafts, and a variety of food and drinkable items. The avenue of trees, shimmering in their Christmas elegance, with the Arc de Triomphe at one side and a huge Ferris wheel at the other, is quite breathtaking. The mood is very joyful. Soak it all up with a glass of mulled cider.

Another favorite place, the Place du Tertre in Montmartre, is a particularly attractive view at night with the Christmas lights gracefully waving in the breeze, despite being a tourist trap where artists present their paintings of Paris & attempt to convince you to have your portrait sketched.

Shopaholics will appreciate perusing the beautiful department stores that compete for the greatest seasonal decorations each year alongside Boulevard Haussmann. Don’t miss Galeries Lafayette, with its fascinating Art Nouveau stained-glass roof situated atop three floors of magnificent balconies dating from 1912. And every year, there is a new Christmas exhibition here. Next door, Printemps competes with another magnificent stained-glass dome and lots of Christmas sparkle.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland, is a fantastic Christmas getaway during the holidays. Edinburgh turns from a dismal medieval Scottish capital to a massive joyful and exciting Christmas Market. Yes, the Christmas market has taken over virtually the entire center of the city, which is incredible. However, at a certain point, Edinburgh becomes so overcrowded that crossing the street becomes impossible.

The Edinburgh Christmas market contains a few attractions, such as an ice skating rink, a large Ferris wheel, and plenty of others, which are especially appealing to young children. Even though it doesn’t regularly snow in Edinburgh (perhaps just a bunch of times during the winter), the environment is still fantastic! You must visit Edinburgh Christmas Market.

Rovaniemi, Finland

You’ll be able to enjoy Christmas in a variety of places all over the world. Your children will have a great time in New York,  Australia, Romania, the middle of the ocean, and other places. But nothing will ever be as true and enchanting as your experience in Rovaniemi, Finland. The true Santa Claus’s home. Rovaniemi, a one-hour flight from Helsinki, is Santa Claus’ official house, including his post office, where letters from all around the world arrive and are categorized into country locations.

Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi, Finland

From Santa’s Holiday Village or Santa’s Park, you can explore a variety of themed attractions. Better still, ride a husky sled through the enchanting Finnish forest or prepare to be an elf and decorate trees in the forests. Are you looking for something a little more sophisticated? Then, beneath the darkening sky, hop on a snowmobile to search for the Northern Lights. A trip to Rovaniemi will not disappoint; it’s like strolling into a Christmas snow wonderland. Everything smells like Christmas, and you can’t help but smile. As though he were the great red man himself.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is a traditional Christmas getaway. You spent Christmas here and you will have a fantastic time. Tallinn’s old town was designated as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO in 1997 because, unlike any other European capital city, it has managed to completely maintain its medieval structure, earning it the title “the medieval jewel of Europe.”

Tallinn’s old center will attract you since it is so lovely. The cobblestone lanes, as well as the medieval churches, stately merchant homes, warehouses, and barns, are all originals dating back to the 11th century. It also boasts incredibly lovely residences, cafes, and sightseeing landmarks such as the Gothic Town Hall (constructed in the 13th century), the Kiek in de Kök (a 15th-century defense tower), and a 64-meter-high tower in the main square. What makes it even more unique is when it is blanketed in snow during the Christmas season — making it look like something out of a Disney picture.

Bruges, Belgium    

Bruges is without a doubt one of Europe’s fairytale towns, and as Christmas is also a moment of fairytales, you won’t be able to find a suitable holiday place other than Bruges at that time of year.

Simply walking about the UNESCO World Heritage historic old town, viewing the most important attractions in Bruges, you will observe horse carriages passing down beautiful cobblestone streets, medieval buildings in excellent condition, and the majority of traffic noise coming from cycling rings rather than cars. The atmosphere in Bruges is like continually living scenes from a Christmas story, particularly at nighttime when the streets are nearly deserted and important sites are illuminated.

Bruges is frequently blanketed in the snow near Christmas, and strolling between the canals and the magnificent bridges is extremely enjoyable at that season of the year. When you grow tired of walking in the typically cold weather near Christmas, you can warm up in candlelight bars with world-renowned Belgian chocolate or, if you choose, with a glass of some of the world’s most recognizable beer.

Chamonix, French Alps    

Every year, in the evening, when the kids finish school, you should load yourself and your dogs, if you have any, and drive to Europe in quest of Christmas! Drive to Chamonix, a little town that has everything. Stay in Les Houches, just down the valley, and drive through town every day. Make a reservation for an apartment in the heart of the city.

Why is Chamonix ideal for the holidays? First and foremost, there’s snow — definite snow – more frequently than not in town, but always a brief cable-car trip away. They offer a modest Christmas Market with locally manufactured items (knives, chocolate, and liquor!) as well as churros with a chocolate dipping. Along the high street, various patisseries decorate their displays with spectacular Christmas delicacies, such as brilliantly colored glacéd fruits. Chamonix is THE perfect Christmas getaway for the kids since they can make a snowman, go snowboarding, drink hot chocolate while covered up in their warm clothes, and visit the Christmas market for new decorations for the tree back home.

Dresden, Germany

Christmas markets in Germany are well-known around the world, and the oldest of these marketplaces can be found in Dresden. The Striezelmarkt has been operating in the same area for over 500 years, and unlike many other markets that have been overtaken by cheap imported goods, this market remains true to its roots. Here you may buy beautiful handcrafted decorations made in the Ore Mountains.

The drink of choice is Gluhwein, a warm white or red liquor scented with Christmas spices. Although the Striezelmarkt is Dresden’s biggest market, our additional markets are after a few minutes’ walk and there are many more all across the city. The Medieval Market, hosted in the Stallhof, the jousting arena, and the historic palace stables is one of the top picks. Food is prepared over open fires, stallholders dress in traditional clothing, and blacksmiths work with hot metal. If you’re feeling adventurous, join some buddies and bathe in the wooden barrel warm tub or try your hand at archery.

San Juan, Puerto Rico       

Puerto Rico is well-known for having the longest Christmas imaginable. Here  Christmas season begins on Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the 3rd Thursday in November) and lasts until January 20, when the San Sebastian Street Festivals (Las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian) finish.

The classic “parrandas” are one of the customs you will encounter if you spend Christmas in Puerto Rico. Parrandas include forming a team to go door to door late at night singing playing instruments, hoping that the neighbors will open the door and offer some goodies. Any Christmas party’s meal will contain Arroz with Gandules (Rice with Peas), Pork, and the traditional liquor “Coquito.” The Coquito is a drink prepared from coconut cream, condensed milk, and a lot of runs. Some compare it to Puerto Rican eggnog. Finally, if you want to have a great Christmas and party crazy, San Juan is the place to go.

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